Vacation Promo!

Vacation Promo!

CBD/CBDa Pure Oil, Blends and Paste Available!

As many of you know know, we are currently in hibernation in stunning New Zealand for the next couple of months.

We have had a few of you reach out and need to be topped up and fortunately for you; despite being overseas, we found a way that we can ensure your oil needs are fulfilled!

Below we have listed the products we can provide you with a simple order, bank transfer and then once payment has been received we can put the order in for you and have it sent direct to your postal address within 3-5 days Australia Wide

– Express Post – Absolutely Free – Tracking Provided!!! –

We are also offering special ‘Vacation Promo Pricing’


Discover a diverse range of concentrated oils, pastes and blends.

Every batch of oil is independently tested for heavy metals, pesticides and cannabinoid and terpene content; the quality reports can be made available upon request.

We take pride in providing the highest quality products grown directly in the ground and under the sun, the way nature intended;

The products are all cold-press extracted using advanced c02 cold press technology. 

This extraction process ensures all medicinal components are extracted from the plant without leaving any trace of solvents in the process.

Organic from Seed to Harvest.

* Please note this only applies to the products below – all other products will become available upon our return as per stock availability. *

Thanks for your understanding and support

Much love and gratitude from the Herbal Hindsight crew!


Checkout our Blog “Oils ain’t Oils – A short guide to CBD/CBDa to help you choose what product may work best for you


Highest Quality

CBD/CBDa Products Available

Your Trust is Our Top Concern

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Vacation Promo!

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