Usnea sp Dual Extract

Usnea is a highly medicinal lichen found on almost every continent except for Antarctica.

It is known as the lungs of the forest and as you can see looks like the structure of our respiratory system.

It has been shown to be highly beneficial for our respiratory system, reproductive system and is one of the strongest natural antibiotics known helping to clear up infections of the above systems.

We had the great pleasure of wild harvesting Usnea from some of the most pristine areas of the South Island of New Zealand and have been able to alchemise a dual extract with purified New Zealand rain water and ethanol, to create the most abundant medicinal blend available.

This has been shown to have powerful anti-cancer effects and has also been traditionally used topically to treat an array of skin issues.

We are still in the process of landing after returning to Australia and will be settled in our new home soon enough.

We will be offering this product to you all very soon for a limited time only, at least until our next visit to NZ!