Propolis with Honey Spray


The etymology of the word propolis literally means “defender of the city”

Propolis has a long history of medicinal use by humans; perhaps one of the original medicines from times past.

Propolis is a collation of tree and plant resins native to the area of the bees; used as a protection from external bacterial and parasitic threats.

This is a personal favourite of ours; having utilised it’s benefits many times over the years since we had discovered it.

The first choice when a tickle in the throat develops and we discovered first hand during the pregnancy of our son; propolis is exceptional for treating toothaches.

This propolis is very special and unlike most other propolis available out there; it has been collected from Kangaroo Island in South Australia which is not only famous for it’s still pristine original liguarian bee population but is also untouched by introduced european weeds and therefore this propolis is 100% aussie native resins infused with honey collected from KI.

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