Pine Pollen Tincture – Wild crafted


  • Australian Grown and Made!
    Our Pine Pollen is wild-harvested from Pine Trees grown on Australian Soil!

It may help with the following:
Immune Stimulating, Boost Brain Health, Support Detox, Promote Weight Loss, Reduce Pain, Boost Libido,
Balance Hormones in Men and Women, adaptogenic, anti-stress.

Not to be used by pregnant & nursing women

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  1. Exciting news, Spring has sprung and Pine Pollen Tincture is back!
    Australian Grown and Made!

Our Pine Pollen has been wild harvested from forests on Australian soil!

This batch has been blessed by the divine presence and gift of the lady bug
– both during the harvest process and also while processing it back at home –

Believed to be the sign of good fortune and prosperity in different cultures, the ladybugs are symbolic of good luck, love and passion, pleasantness, good instincts, and jolliness. These little beetles spread colors of warmth and happiness everywhere they go and are representatives of a charming personality.

Pine Pollen has been shown to assist in boosting the immune system, helping to balance hormones (a great natural source of dhea and  testosterone for men), assist in detoxing heavy metals and xenoestrogens from the body (toxic estrogen found in the environment in plastics, soy , etc) and is rich in vitamins and minerals that may boost your mood and energy levels, and not to forget is also a rich source of terpenes (such as pinene)

It may be used to support the immune system, boost brain health, support detoxification, promote weight loss, alleviate pain and increase energy and libido.  It may also help to balance hormones in both men and women.

Pine Pollen has adaptogenic properties which may aid in lowering stress levels naturally in the body.

Not to be used by pregnant & nursing women.

Contains 22% triple filtered vodka as preservative

Pine Pollen Tincture - Wild crafted

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