Carquam Vege Capsules


Improve mood, motivation and assist work.

Carquam (M. Javainca) trees can be found growing throughout SE Asia, they are botanically related to coffee without containing caffeine.

In Indonesia the leaf has been consumed for Centuries for its ability to improve mood, motivation and assist work.

Carquam may also reduce pain and assist muscle relaxation.

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Carquam Vege Capsules
Carquam has traditionally be used to
  1. Improve motivation and reduce fatigue
  2. Assist depression, anxiety and PTSD
  3. Reduce stress
  4. Improve mood and sociability
  5. Reduce the monotony from doing repetitive tasks and improve focus
  6. Increase energy and assist weight loss
  7. Relieve pain and muscle stiffness or soreness
  8. Assist addiction
  9. Reduce inflammation

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