Blue Lily Absolut – Pure Essential Oil



Nymphaea caerulea

blue lotus/blue lily Absolute/Essential Oil:

5ml, 10ml standard bottles

5ml, 10ml roller bottles

a playful, sensual heart opening extract…

gently floaty, uplifting and heavenly in its essence…

suggested use: ideal to enhance meditation and is known as an authentic aphrodisiac…

may be applied to the third eye or crown to enhance deeper connection to source and influence lucid dreaming

may be used for aromatherapy, promotion of libido, ecstasy and euphoria

may speed up circulation and enhance connection to source

a wonderful aid for meditation, opens the third eye…

may dispel negative emotions and thoughts…

a truly divine treasure we are very excited to offer you…

storage instructions:

store below 30deg celcius

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10ml, 10ml roller bottle, 5ml roller bottle, 5ml


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