Our Vision

We strive to provide the highest quality herbs we can source.

It is our intention to guide you back to the earth, with joy, health and healing direct from mother nature through community spirit, connection and an organic lifestyle.

Our herbs are all *certified organic and grown from around Australia and overseas. [*when available]

All hemp oil products are produced from multi-strains of hemp high in cannabinoids, grown organically by Endoca in Denmark, and extracted using c02 cold press technology ensuring the most complete extract possible.

All of our tinctures are made by us to be shared with you, using the purest ingredients we can find, every batch infused with the vibration of love and healing.

Our future vision includes you and your families, more self-empowered and self-sustainable in the healing benefits of the many gifts all around us from nature.

We are all a part of nature and its through our reconnection back to our roots that our deepest healing and joy can be manifest.  Through clean healthy living and a strong community foundation, we are not only creating, but living in heaven on earth.

We invite you to join us in this vision.

Our Vision