It's a Shaw Thing ~                                             Interview

It’s a Shaw Thing ~ Interview


“It’s a Shaw Thing”
16th September, 2021

Enlighten Tribe Community Collective Sharing Platform “It’s a Shaw Thing”
is about connecting and sharing our passion and light to help enrich our experience
on this planet and to remind us that we all belong, we’re important, and we all make a difference.

We do this when we lead by example and give ourselves permission to be our authentic selves.

“Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow”
This week’s guest is Christopher Blackmore,
owner of Herbal Hindsight and an Earth Alchemist and student of nature.

Chris works with Mother Nature to create natural hemp CBD oils,
salve-vation CBD infused skincare, herbal tea blends, and tinctures.

Through his own healing experiences, and observing and guiding the healing of others,
it became obvious that this needed to be shared for all.

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Interview September 16th 2021

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