So, what is the difference between decarb and raw oil?

There are many new terms we need to become accustomed to when a new industry pops up; just as the hemp industry has [re] emerged from the past, and with a vengeance.  There has been a lot more research to support the countless benefits this one plant offers us across all industries, so simply put…

RAW is as it sounds; a raw cold-press extracted product that contains CBDa and CBD and all of the many other terpenes, flavonoids, and various other bio-active constituents this incredible plant has to offer.

Decarb is effectively a slang term for the process of decarboxylation which is the chemical process that removes the carboxyl group from the acid form [cbda] which all cannabinoids have in their initial form in the plant. [i.e. cbca, cbna, cbga, thca, etc]


okay, but what is the difference?

Effectively, the simplest way to answer this in the shortest way possible is based upon the 6+ years of working with these compounds; we have observed that people who are intending to improve sleep issues and/or anxiety have received the most benefits from Decarb [CBD].

Those who have been working with this oil to achieve benefits from various cancers, neurological issues, auto-immune disorders and inflammation have found the most benefits from Raw [CBDa].

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